About Nancy

I graduated from the University of Bridgeport with a Bachelors of Science Degree with a concentration in Dental Hygiene. I practiced clinically for ten years. I had a yearning to deepen my professional knowledge and opportunity in the health care market segment.  I successfully spent the following fifteen years in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industry. My world became extremely stressful and overwhelmingly hectic. What I learned is that one must take ownership of their life choices to sustain physical health and mindfulness. I took ownership. I made the choice to leave my corporate career. Fortunately, I became connected with an opportunity that was more fulfilling. This opportunity was a prime example of putting what you desire out into the universe and letting the universe respond. I am currently employed at a day program for individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities and people affected with behavioral health challenges. In one word, REWARDING.

I achieved a Certification in Personal Training from American Fitness Professionals and Associates about 20 years ago. Prior to that I was a certified Aerobics instructor from Athletics and Fitness Associations of America. My internal desire to learn more about the roots of the mind/body connection got the best of me. I chose to enroll in a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2017.  It all started to come together.  I have always been passionate about food. I love to eat! I also enjoy fermented grapes (yes, that is wine!  Those red grapes are full of resveritol and antioxidants!) As a culture, coming together and breaking bread is powerful to our soul. As a society we need to indulge in each other’s company, in the presence of whole foods, good wine and kindness to increase our longevity. This I know for sure. I have always known this. However, I needed to satiate my curiosity. Hence, I engaged in a Certification program through American Fitness Professionals and Associates to become a Holistic Nutritionist. The roots of my teaching align with my core values. Decades of data support the message. I want to share this with you! I know that I can assist you in achieving Wellness, Health, increased Energy, Nutritional soundness.

Logo Etiology

Some may say,  “What’s in a name?” Here is a brief synopsis of how the visual affect of WHEN came to be…

The color sage represents plant life, nature, the environment and exudes a feeling of calm and peacefulness. The color turquoise represents energy, wisdom, serenity, wholeness, emotional balance, spiritual grounding and joy, to name a few. These colors reflect the foundation of WHEN.

Elephants have a deeply spiritual foundation. The significance of the elephant varies across cultures. Some recognize the elephant as a divine entity.  Elephants are commonly recognized for their longevity, strength, power, mental faculties, cooperative spirit, loyalty while living peacefully amongst their family and community. Ironically, these massive creatures lead a lifestyle of peace, harmony and physical strength thru daily movement that translates into longevity while eating plants!

The significance of the WHEN logo from the elephant representation to the color schematics represent how decades of research support how we should navigate thru our life to improve our health and increase longevity.  My goal is motivate, encourage and support individuals to create lifestyle changes that encourage longevity. Yes, I want us all to be elephants! Well, maybe not the size of an elephant. I want you to see yourself as the divine entity that you are.  I want you to exhibit the strength, agility, communal kindness and become a passionate plant loving herbivore so you can increase your longevity. WHEN is the right time? WHEN is NOW!